The social experiment

for your information, i have been deactivated my facebook and twitter acc for 2 days. and i found it very interesting because i can feel that the sense of belonging was actually monopolized online not real life, even though my real life is even sadder. i have this anxiety that i dont know how to explain. i need to know the information that post on facebook and twitter, which was my personal accounts. all my friends were talking about something, and i dont know a thing.

this lead me to yesterday, i was in the group discussion, they said that they already posted articles in the group facebook account. and i was like ... what ? i dont know that.

i tried my hard to keep it, i mean i want people didn't realised that i've been deactivated my accounts. but it's so hard. i always wanted to scream out loud that I HAVE DEACTIVATED MY FB AND TWITTER ! but ain't no attention seeker, (and now becoming one). I wanted them to exclude me to their "social", so i dont give a shit about it.

the reason why i deactivated my accounts were

1. i wanted that experience, what is been in that kind of life
2. avoid dramas (no good at handling shitty stuff)
3. giving hints .. lol drama much
4. idk, maybe i was so stupid to deactivated my accounts

actually, one reason why i cant stand to just log in to my accounts is communication. i bet people nowadays were communicating via facebook, twitter ... others. but somehow, personal stuffs coming along with this kind of communicating tool, i mean people were using facebook and twitter as their kind of thing to express their bullshits. i, myself also pooping around these social networking, sometimes i make people hurt and others also hurting me in return.

i'm not a saint who said the correct words, i'm not demon who lit the fire up. but the reality is cruel and you dont know why ... for me, i'm not promising that thing will become better after this whole social experiment thing, but as a something to remind me when i've done some stupid shits.

reality versus online, which hurts the most ?