I was terpanggil to post my thought on what happened to the MAS Boeing 777, MH370

It was a day with all the flu, cough, dizziness and the thought of death. so, laying down on the bed was the best option which i did not expose to any worldly breaking news on the net. it sucks

so, around 8 pm, i got up and try to activate my portable wi-fi hotspot on my chacha. I received wechat text, i guess it some sort of wechat's team (or whatever) text.

" ..... (something-something) ... MH370"

I knew the letters and numbers were referring to a plane. Yes, it was. I was shocked, literally shocked and some kind of saddening scene appeared in my mind. I have watch thousands of plane's crash documentaries on NAT GEO or Discovery. and I rarely watch an episode which involved Asian's airlines. I mean, for the first time in my life ...

The flight still under some sort of search because there is no official evidence that state the Boeing 777 crash or something. But there's some speculation that ... but i still hoping that there would be survivors to tell the story

What did make me feel upset were some Malaysians ( I have to be honest ) trying to use this incident as a matter to joke. c'mon guys. it was a plane, fucking badass plane which filled with people with their undone future, could you be more sympathy or just put your fucking brain into their shoes. and for the people who missed the MH370, you're lucky enough to put up your asshole attitude by posting your broading ticket with the caption "relax je aku miss flight #MH370"

WHAT ARE YOU DUDE ! yes we're glad that you're totally safe because you missed your flight but if u DID NOT, can u still upload it and relax je ... you're bloody corpse by now.

I really hate it when people were heartless and cool about something that cost lifes. i mean let's face it, death is just next to you and you're laughing. MORON ! how about your family and friends ? do think about them if you could be more empathetical. Telling people how unfortunate MAS for missing their Boeing, yeah like someone's life could be bought by a truck of dollars. and to the mulut lepas cakap , karma is a bitch and you HAVE TO FACE IT as consequence for what tweet, post or whatsoever you have said something plain stupid about this kind of situation

For me, i know that feeling. Missing someone, losing someone, and even being in the plane. IT WAS A BIG DEAL ...

so be considerate, if there's something u wanted to say, say it when you're totally in the right mind.
i would like to apologize first, if my thoughts were different to you, i mean fuck it, i still with my opinion, no one can change it


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